Mr. Bartler was excellent to work with! 

He met us at a location that was local to us so we did not have to travel. He explained everything to us in detail regarding how things could be done. He explained pricing, options, and extras. The price of each of the packages were very reasonable. 

We decided to book him and we could not have been more happy with the results. 

Mr. Bartler showed up promptly at the agreed upon time on the wedding day. He stayed on schedule with the wedding. He had previously provided us with a picture check list that we could fill out and give to him on the day of. My maid of honor forgot this, but that did not even phase him. He took pictures that we requested, pictures that he thought we would want, etc. He did an excellent job. During the actual wedding I can honestly say that I didn't even know he was there. Same thing at the reception - unless we posed for the photos we didn't even know he was taking them. I find this amazing! He got so many great candid shots! 

The pictures turned out beautfully! All you have to do is check the website to see that Mr. Bartler does quality work. His pictures are not "hokey" like some other photographers; they look like real art. 

I can't even count how many photographers I checked out only to be disappointed in their pictures, pricing, or overall service feedback. Thomas Bartler Photography has to be the best in the area for the price and quality. 

He was wonderful. After two photgraphers had to be fired, we finally found Bartler Photography. He was great to work with and really respected our opinions on what we wanted (and really didn't want) in our photography. The pictures came out really great, and oh my, does he provide a selection!We had around 2600 photos to choose from, all on our CD, and he we told him he could leave early (there was nothing much left to shoot)!

Thomas Bartler was a great value and our pictures turned out wonderful!

I would 1st like to say that I have an Associates Degree in Photography and was very worried about finding a wedding photographer. Obviously price was a big factor, but I also wanted to make sure that I got someone who was very organized and who understood what I was wanting. I found that and more, I was so impressed! I have told everyone I know about Mr. Bartler, he took so many photos I couldn't believe it. I swear there must have been 8 of him. He was everywhere but at the same time I never even noticed him. He had a packet with lists of different photos that the average bride would want. Bride with Mom, etc. But he was also very open to anything additional. I had very specific shots that I wanted and I got them. He was incredibly prompt, actually early, to our first meeting and also to the wedding. His photographs are beautiful, he works so well with the natural lighting and he really makes it seem effortless. I was so glad to find him online and he was actually the 1st photographer I met with. We got package 2 with an additional 2 hours added on and it was more than enough. 

We really enjoyed working with Thomas. He was always timely, friendly and focused on giving us the best wedding photos possible. He did an excellent job.

Thomas did a great job with our pictures! He was easy to work with and easy to contact. Did not fail to take pictures of every special moment. Took many pictures to make sure he got a good one where no one is blinking. Also took a lot of great candid pictures. Great price for what we got!!

I haven't seen the finals yet, but my pics are posted on his website. I really loved working with Thomas. He was so friendly, and would do anything you wanted to get great pictures. He is not one of the more well-known photogs around here, but he doesn't miss a single thing at the wedding and takes tons of shots to make sure to get the right one. I was very happy with working with him all day. And again, this is actually where I trimmed the budget which I know most brides don't do, and he did great. 

Mr. Bartler did a wonderful job at our wedding! The photos are beautiful! I looked around at a lot of other photographers before finding him and if I had gone to someone else, I could have payed literally 3 or 4 times the amount I did for the same high-quality photos. He was easy to work with and now we have some great photos to remember our wedding. My husband and I definitely recommend Thomas Bartler!

Mr. Bartler was an excellent photographer. He required very minimal assistance and was able to take charge of organizing photos when needed. He was very accomadating and willing to work with our wedding party. He also was very personable. I definitely recommend him!

We hired Thomas Bartler to photograph our wedding. He was helpful, prompt, friendly, and produced a lovely set of formal & informal photos. Our event was fairly unstructured, so I don't know whether he's the right person to hire for a large, elaborate wedding, but we were very happy with him. He sent us a DVD with hundreds of photos that captured our friends and family in candid shots that are beautiful, funny, and full of life.